Reporting Excellence Awards, 2014

Each year in Examining the Work of State Courts, the Court Statistics Project (CSP) recognizes states that have taken the time and applied the resources necessary to improve the quantity or quality of their reported caseload data. This year, after a major transition in the content and methodology of the data collection process, the CSP would like to recognize states that embraced the challenge of improving data quality and comparability for 2012.


The introduction of the Georgia Court Guide to Statistical Reporting and online data submission capability highlights the value and effort placed on improving court data by the Administrative Office of the Courts. In 2012, Georgia increased the number of case types reported in both general and limited jurisdiction courts as well as allowed more data to be included in analysis.

New Jersey

For multiple years, New Jersey has reported detailed caseload information. In addition to reporting many case types, New Jersey also reports all status categories for incoming cases in the general jurisdiction Superior Court. For 2012 data, New Jersey expanded probate and juvenile dependency reporting, further increasing the detailed reporting of quality data that is able to be published in analysis.


Pennsylvania implemented a civil cover sheet in 2010 allowing for cases to be categorized in a way that is compatible with the State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting. In 2010, Pennsylvania only reported 4 Civil case types, increasing to 23 case types for 2012. In addition, the overall quality of all case category data improved, allowing for all categories from both general and limited jurisdiction courts to be included in analysis.

South Carolina

South Carolina Administrative Office staff completed a thorough review of data available and as a result greatly expanded case types reported in four of the five major categories: Civil, Domestic Relations, Criminal, and Juvenile. In 2010, all case types were reported in “Other” case types, and for 2012 over 35 case types were added.


As part of the transition to a new reporting methodology, Washington substantially revised reports generated for CSP to comply with the State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting. This revision resulted in significant improvements in the number of case types reported for Civil and Criminal case categories as well as introducing new status category information and more publishable data.