Reporting Excellence Awards, 2016

Each year the Court Statistics Project (CSP) recognizes states that have applied the leadership and resources necessary to improve the quantity and quality of their reported caseload data. The 2015 Data Year award winners are:

Alabama - Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals

The Clerk of the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals engaged additional resources to conduct case-by-case reviews to determine the case types of all cases filed and disposed during the year. This review resulted in the Court being able to report 100 percent publishable data. The Clerk of the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals also engaged additional resources to conduct case-by-case reviews enabling the Court to report 100 percent publishable data, as well as information on the manner of disposition and case outcomes, for those cases disposed during the year.

Connecticut - Judicial Branch of Connecticut

With support from their state court administrator, two Connecticut data specialists were able to accurately and fully map all trial court case types to the State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting. Connecticut, therefore, is the first state to report 100 percent publishable incoming trial court data.

Delaware - Delaware Administrative Office of the Courts - Trial and Appellate Court Data Awards

Delaware took advantage of CSP technical assistance to gain a better understanding of how existing trial court data could be restructured to improve CSP reporting. Their subsequent data submission increased publishable incoming data by 32 percent. In addition, a similar examination and rethinking of Supreme Court data produced an increase in that court’s publishable incoming percentage from 14 to 100 percent.

District of Columbia - Courts of the District of Columbia

District of Columbia’s data specialist disaggregated the trial court’s caseload data and now reports all tort, contract, domestic relations, and juvenile delinquency case types. This effort resulted in the District of Columbia’s publishable data increasing by 49 percent.  

Minnesota - Minnesota Judicial Branch

For 2015, Minnesota achieved full implementation of the NCSC’s methodology for counting cases involving self-represented litigants, reporting publishable data for cases with self-represented litigants for all five major case categories. 

Nevada - Nevada Administrative Office of the Courts

After years of stakeholder meetings conducting in-depth reviews of each case type category, and with technical assistance from CSP staff, Nevada rolled out its revised data model to all counties, and the resulting incoming data is 92 percent publishable for general jurisdiction trial courts.

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