Guide Resolutions

In 2004, these organizations:

  • Conference of Chief Justices
  • Conference of State Court Administrators
  • National Association for Court Management
  • American Bar Association

all adopted resolutions supporting the State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting, 2003 as the model for data reporting in the state trial and appellate courts. You may read the resolutions here.

Guide to Statistical Reporting

The State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting  was updated February 2019.

The Guide is a standardized reporting framework for state court caseload statistics designed to promote intelligent comparisons among state courts.

The Court Statistics Project began compiling national court caseload statistics in 1975. At that time, it was evident that there were profound differences in how states defined and reported their caseload data. Without common caseload definitions and a standard format for classifying and reporting data, the goal of the CSP could never be achieved.

Comparable data from the state courts allows the CSP to publish national trends and analyze caseload statistics for use by state court leaders, policy makers, and local court managers. Being able to put each state’s caseload in a jurisdictional, regional, or national context provides useful insights that inform policy, budgetary, and court management decisions.

You may download the full Guide (pdf) here.