National Overview

National trend and caseload analysis for 2016 data is available below.

Specific 2016 case-category analyses appear on the section pages shown in the top navigation: Civil, Domestic Relations, Criminal, JuvenileTraffic and Appellate.

If you would like to download a PDF containing a printer-friendly version of all of the displays available in the National Overview (including Civil, Domestic Relations, Criminal, Juvenile, Traffic, and Appellate caseloads), click here to get the State Court Caseload Digest, 2016 Data.


Caseload trend image

Total Incoming Cases in State Courts,

Caseloads have declined steadily since the Great Recession.  Go
Traffic vs. Non-Traffic image

Total Incoming Cases in State Courts,
Traffic vs. Non-Traffic Caseloads, 2007-2016

Traffic caseloads declined more sharply.  Go

Incoming Non-Traffic Caseloads
by Case Category, 2007-2016

Non-Traffic caseloads may be leveling off.  Go

Composition of Incoming Cases,
All Trial Courts, 2016

General and Limited Jurisdiction courts have very different caseloads.  Go

Number of Incoming Cases,
by Case Category and Tier, 2016

84.2 million cases were filed in 2016. Go

Total Incoming Caseloads Reported
by State Appellate Courts, 2007-2016

Over the 10-year period from 2007 to 2016, total Appellate caseloads fell by 9 percent.  Go