Each year the Court Statistics Project (CSP) recognizes states that have applied the leadership and resources necessary to improve the quantity and quality of their reported caseload data. The 2018 Data Year award winners are:

Alaska Supreme Court and Court of Appeals 

State Court Administrator: Ms. Stacey Marz 

Clerk: Meredith Montgomery 

Data specialists: John Campbell, and Jimmy Robson 

CSP Liaison: Diane Robinson 

As part of implementing a new case management system, the Alaska appellate courts increased the publishability of case types dramatically. As part of that project, reports were built-in to better map Alaska case types to the Court Statistics Project. Last year, the Alaska Supreme Court increased their publishable percentage from 16% to 86% and the Court of Appeals from 40% to 100%. 


Arizona Trial Courts 

State Court Administrator: Mr. David K. Byers 

Data specialists: Bert Cisneros and Heather Williams  

CSP Liaison: Sarah Gibson 

Arizona has been steadily working to increase their percentage of publishable incoming trial court data over the last 5 years and made a huge leap with their 2018 data. In 2014, the state submitted only 22% publishable incoming data across CSP case type categories whereas, in 2018, they are reporting 99% of their incoming caseload data as publishable. Their General Jurisdiction court data achieved perfect reporting with 100% of the incoming data being reported as publishable for all case type categories. 


Louisiana Supreme Court

State Court Administrator: Ms. Sandra A. Vujnovich 

Clerk (and Data Specialist): John Olivier

CSP Liaison: Sarah Gibson 

Louisiana Supreme Court has been steadily increasing the percentage of CSP case type categories where publishable incoming data is reported, and in 2018, the Supreme Court reported publishable data in 95% of CSP case type categories. This figure is up from just 28% publishable data reported in 2014 and 56% for 2017. Additionally, the court has continuously provided publishable grand totals for all disposition and outcome categories since 2014. 


Missouri Trial Courts


State Court Administrator: Ms. Kathy S. Lloyd 

Data specialist: Kirtida Vaidya

CSP Liaison: Kathryn Genthon 

Missouri made a huge effort to map all of their criminal case types to the CSP case types with some assistance from CSP staff. As a result, they were able to increase the percentage of publishable incoming caseload data from 53% for 2017 data to 87% publishable for 2018 data.  


Nevada Supreme Court 

State Court Administrator: Ms. Robin Sweet

Clerk: Elizabeth Brown 

Data Specialists: Hans Jessup, Sheldon Steele, and Ted Xie

CSP Liaison: Sarah Gibson 

Nevada has made a significant effort in reporting publishable data for the Supreme Court for the first time in 2018.  Not only are they reporting publishable data for the first time, they make a strong showing reporting publishable incoming data in nearly half of the CSP case type categories. 


Rhode Island Trial Courts 

State Court Administrator: Mr. J. Joseph Baxter 

Data specialists: Jennifer Olivelli and Caitlin Higgins 

CSP Liaison: Kathryn Genthon 

The Rhode Island Supreme Court received a Reporting Excellence Award last year. This year, they have focused their attention on improving their trial court data. The Rhode Island data specialists were able to increase the publishable incoming caseload submitted for the trial courts from 66% to 86%. They also took the additional, and the very important step, of resubmitting all of their data back to 2012 with the same level of publishable data. 


Washington Supreme Court 

State Court Administrator: Ms. Dawn Marie Rubio 

Data specialists: Charlotte Jensen and Michelle Pardee 

CSP Liaison: Kathryn Genthon 

Washington’s data specialists worked to increase the available publishable data for the Supreme Court. They were able to increase the percentage of publishable incoming caseload data from 21% in for 2016 data to 100% publishable for the 2017 and 2018 data they submitted to the CSP in 2019.