These publications are developed through a cooperative agreement with and generous support from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), part of the Office of Justice Planning at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Examining the Work of State Courts

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The purpose of Examining the Work of State Courts is to provide a concise, graphically oriented volume that makes state court statistics highly accessible. Examining the Work of State Courts has been designed to be interactive, giving the reader on-line access in its interactive PDF version to information that cannot reasonably be included in the text of the document. The links provided in this format encourage the use of the Web and provide the reader with additional resources that help to facilitate the understanding of the work of state courts.


Caseload Highlights

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The Caseload Highlights series continues to provide short, periodic reports on specific, significant, and timely issues. The CSP recognizes that informed judges and court managers want information on a range of policy-relevant topics and want it in a timely fashion and in a condensed, readable format.

Notes from the Field

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Notes from the Field is a platform for use by practitioners from the state courts from which they can share their experiences and knowledge of court statistics and the implementation of data systems.