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What is the CSP?

An initiative of the Conference of State Court Administrators and the National Center for State Courts, the Court Statistics Project (CSP) is the only source for an annual national overview of comparable state court caseload data.

(See Federal versus state caseload trends.)

Why is CSP special?

The National Center for State Courts draws from more than 50 years of professional court administration experience to provide a comprehensive overview of state court caseload data.

State contacts
  • Data are submitted by data specialists employed by the state administrative office of courts or the appellate court clerk’s office. These specialists provide insight into unique court practices and data collection methods in each state.
CSP staff
  • NCSC conducts research on a myriad of court topics that enhances our understanding of court data.
  • Broad data experience provides the team with greater context to navigate across jurisdictions and appraise data quality.
How does it work?
  • Data specialists from each state complete the CSP Matrix and submit data to CSP staff.
  • CSP staff review the data and work with data specialists to resolve questions and concerns.
  • CSP publishes a national overview of court data from the previous year.

The  team

  • Nicole Waters, Director of NCSC’s Research & Design Group and the Court Statistics Project
  • Kathryn Genthon, Senior Court Research Associate
  • Sarah Gibson, Data Scientist
  • Diane Robinson, Principal Court Research Associate
  • Erika Bailey Stevens, Court Research Associate, liaison to: CA, DC, KY, MN, MO, NY, ND, Northern Mariana Islands, PA, PR, RI, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA
  • Miriam Hamilton, Senior Court Research Analyst, liaison to:  AK, AR,  ID,  IA,  MA, MI, MS, NM, OR, WY
  • Morgan Moffett, Senior Court Research Analyst, liaison to: AZ, DE, GA, HI, KS, LA, MD, NV,  VT
  • Heather Caspers, Court Research Associate, liaison to:  AL, CO, CT, FL, GU,  IL,  IN, ME, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, OH, OK, SC, WI, WV
  • Eleni Snyder, Program Specialist

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