The National Center for State Courts, through the Court Statistics Project, maintains a  Courtstats listserv. The purpose of the listserv is to facilitate the exchange of information on resources and best practices among court practitioners across different states. The CSP team also utilizes this platform to disseminate information unrelated to the annual data collection process, such as invitations to quarterly virtual data specialist meetings.

The listserv is open to all data specialists and appellate clerks who submit data to CSP, as well as all court personnel responsible for managing court data. NCSC warmly welcomes new members to the listserv and looks forward to engaging in discussions on a variety of court data topics.

To maintain the integrity of the listserv as a forum exclusively for court personnel, NCSC reserves the right to manage the subscription list accordingly. For inquiries about the CSP project or published data, please contact CSP directly.

Join us on the Listserv:

Send an email message to the listserv with "join courtstats" in the body of the message.  You do not need to give the message a subject. You will receive a confirmation email prompting you to verify your identity and providing further instructions on participating in the listserv.