Reporting Awards

Each year the Court Statistics Project (CSP) recognizes states that have applied the leadership and resources necessary to improve the quantity and quality of their reported caseload data.

2022 Award Winners

  • Vermont General Jurisdiction
  • Wisconsin General Jurisdiction
  • Northern Mariana Islands General Jurisdiction
  • Connecticut General Jurisdiction
  • New Mexico Court of Appeals
  • New Mexico Supreme Court
  • Kentucky Supreme Court

Previous Winners

Trial: Utah

Appellate:  Hawaii Supreme Court, Hawaii Court of Appeals, Indiana Supreme Court, Montana Supreme Court

Trial Court: New York, Iowa

Appellate: Idaho Supreme Court, Idaho Court of Appeals

Trial Court: Arizona, Missouri, & Rhode Island

Appellate: Alaska (Supreme Court and Court of Appeals), Louisiana, Nevada, & Washington State

Trial Court: Kentucky, Vermont

Appellate: Vermont Supreme Court; Maryland (Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals), Rhode Island Supreme Court, Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Trial Court: Maryland, Utah

Appellate: Alabama, Connecticut

Trial Court: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Minnesota, Nevada

Appellate: Alabama (Court of Civil Appeals & Court of Criminal Appeals) Delaware

Trial Court:  Arkansas & Massachusetts

Appellate:  New Hampshire & Utah

Trial Court: Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska & Texas

Appellate: West Virginia & Wyoming

Trial Court: Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina & Washington State

Trial Court: Nevada & New Hampshire

Appellate: Missouri

Trial Court: Alabama, California & Puerto Rico

Trial Court: Arizona & Minnesota

Appellate: Tennessee

Trial Court: Hawai'I, Kansas, New York & Utah

Appellate: Florida